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A diverse collection of my most memorable brand identity, experience design and marketing projects: From full development start-ups, to large corporate redesigns, projects include a varied mix of agency and in-house work, along with personal freelance endeavors.

01 // 08

Thompson Hotels

Website Redesign

Marked by a sense of understated cool, the new Thompson Hotels experience is at once timeless and of the moment, luxury-driven and lifestyle-focused – Designed to evoke the spirit and individual intricacies of each unique Thompson destination.

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02 // 08

Le Méridien

Website Redesign

Designed for the curious and creative minded traveler, the new LeMé transforms the traditional hotel booking site into an immersive brand experience, full of rich imagery, curated content, and moments of cultural discovery.

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03 // 08

50: A Burger & Champagne Bar

brand Identity + Website Design

A crafted culinary infusion of hip-hop culture and street art, this Burger & Champagne Bar located in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia, takes a modern yet unapologetic approach to the classic burger, fries and cocktail combo.

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04 // 08


Brand Identity + Website Design

Intelligent and intelligible, clear and considered, this modern-day furniture dealership is on a mission to challenge the conventional notion around office design, by elevating the lens of how a working environment should be arranged and interacted with.

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05 // 08

Westfield Events

Micro-site Design + Marketing

Connecting physical and digital like never before, the new Westfield Events micro-site provides guests with a seamless experience for booking groundbreaking events, exhibition, and monumental occasions.

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06 // 08

Hoops For Hayes

Brand Identity + Website Design

In 2012, the tragic loss of a childhood friend Joseph Hayes left myself and many close friends heart-broken, confused and in shock. Quickly realizing that the best way to honor Joe was simply through the game and team he loved most…Soon thereafter Hoops for Hayes was born.

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07 // 08

Gold Coast Bud

Conceptual Brand Identity

Savvy, stylish, and boldly coloring outside the lines of luxury (once legalized of course), Gold Coast Bud is a conceptual Marijuana Dispensary and Grow House designed for the high-end clientele of Bergen County, New Jersey.

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08 // 08

Janson Goldstein

Website Redesign + Marketing

Fueling creative thinking, typology, and discipline across the retail, hospitality, commercial, and residential industries, Janson Goldstein is an annual award winning architecture + interior design firm located in the dynamic Hudson Square neighborhood of New York City.

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