Whether transforming a global industry leader or developing a non-profit organization for the community, my passion in this world is brand building. I love connecting people to the cultures, lifestyles and stories that embody a brand.

Why I Created This Co.

My goal is to provide clients all around the world the luxury and convenience of having a personal design concierge & creative consultant at the tip of their fingertips.

With every project my mission is simple: continue to build beautiful and intelligent ways of making the connection between a brand and it's consumers a more seamless and unforgettable one.

What Lead Me Here

After many years of working in New York City for top advertising agencies and design teams, I realized my ability to produce across disciplines was a major key in streamlining timelines, budgets, and the delivery of highly polished products.

My curious nature and natural drive to push boundaries lead me to explore the many different creative disciplines and to strive towards mastering the techniques of strategy, design, UX, copy and coding.


Early in my career I was extremely fortunate to design under world renowned creative Stephen Gates. His leadership techniques, creative methodologies, and ability to flat out inspire, had helped shape my philosophy & approach to design.

As my mentor, Steve has opened countless new doors for me into the worlds of art, fashion, food, and design. Most importantly, the one unforgettable lesson he has taught me is a very simple, yet complex one: Think more, design less.

I strongly believe that as artists, designers, creators, and makers, it is our duty to pass along our knowledge and experience to the future generations and inspire them to pursue a life of creativity and imagination.

In an effort to pay it forward, I am always looking for exciting ways to share the unique perspectives and insights I’ve gained throughout my career. Please feel free to reach out with any mentorship ideas, design questions, or even just for a little career advice - It's an open door policy :)

My Design History

Brands, Clients
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Get To Know Me

Some Fun Design Facts

During My High School Years, I Ran a Barbershop Out of My Parent's Basement...

In the eighth grade, I taught myself how to cut hair and quickly realized how naturally this hustle came to me. This later led me to running my own barbershop out of my parent’s house, my college dorm room, and on the road… So if you ever need a fresh fade, razor shave, or shape up, I got you!

I Have a 48-Hour Story of Styling & Designing for Jay Z That is One for the Ages...

It’s a perfect right place, right time, only in New York type of story…It’s the epitome of my love to hustle and one that written words cannot do justice for… Let’s just say I love telling this one face-to-face.

One of the Most Memorable Brands I've Ever Designed For is Called Nasty Pig...

Nasty Pig at it's core is a fashion and lifestyle brand; but, at the end of the day it’s so much more. NP serves as a common ground for people to be themselves and feel comfort in their own skin...Visit and take a look.

During My Senior Year at F.I.T., I Won a D&AD Award and Spent an Unforgettable 14 days in London, England...

I attended the D&AD Graduate Academy - a high intensity creative “boot-camp” of design thinking sessions from international advertising agencies and world renown brands - which lead to a four-day competition to pitch and sell design concepts to Diageo, the global liquor conglomerate.

My Passion for Design Stemmed from Watching Episodes of “The Apprentice” in High School with My Mom...

I remember sitting in my living room enthusiastically coming up with idea after idea on how to creatively solve the problems teams were given. Luckily for me, my mother quickly realized this passion and encourgaed me to pursue classes in graphic design...and I’ve never looked back.

I Have a Tattoo of the First Piece of Art I’ve Ever Owned, Inked By World Renown Artist Luke Wessman…

On my ribs, Luke inked the original “Gun” silkscreen created by the great Andy Warhol. It was Warhol's work which influenced my decision to become an artist and designer.